For Lenders

Over the past decade, Sandton has developed strong relationships with lenders by treating them as partners, not trades.

Sandton is a transaction partner lenders can count on. Often, banks are faced with unattractive options such as costly and destructive liquidations or holding criticized assets with high capital costs. For our target credit types - illiquid and complex C&I loans - selling a note to Sandton is often a much better solution than other alternatives.

We will work quickly and discreetly to understand the situation and put forth an offer that reflects the full Enterprise Value of the business. Once we make an offer, we stand by it and remain committed to closing on time and as expected.

Transaction Types

Portfolios or one-off loans
to operating businesses
Commercial mortgages
(owner occupied)
Bilateral or
participated credit
Balances over $1 million
Revolving lines of credit
Equipment loans / leases